For 2 Year Olds
  • About the Koi Program

  • Our Koi program serves two year olds. This group continues with active play while still incorporating guided structure with developmentally appropriate activities. Up to 14 children attend on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to 1pm.

    • Age Group:
      2 Year Olds
    • Class Size:
      Up-to 14 Children
    • Adult/Child Ratio:
      1 to 4 or better
    • Sessions:
      Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
      9:00 am - 1:00 pm
    • Pricing:
      $435 / month
    • We value Slippery Fish for its vibrant exploratory environment. Each day, our gifted teachers create an indoor/outdoor environment that offers a dozen opportunities for creativity and learning: squeezable moon sand with construction trucks or baking tools, trikes parked near a circular tracks with traffic signs, sorting bins for early number skills, and card creation in honor of Father’s Day, as just a very few examples. Parallel to these activities, children are forming close relationships with teachers and learning how to interact with their peers. All of this is facilitated masterfully by loving teachers and a community of dedicated parents who learn along with the children.

      Koi Parent
    • I started at Slippery Fish out of a need for a developmentally appropriate activity for my daughter at one year old. Little did I know that I was joining a community that has become the most valuable resource for her and our parenting. Furthermore, I didn’t anticipate staying at Slippery Fish or a coop, but we have committed to the school due to the strong expertise of the teachers and the high-quality learning experience for her and our family. Now a 3 year old, my little girl prompts me to take deep breaths when I get frustrated and explains “what her plan is” when we are at an impasse. She has learned these skills and many more at school and wants to go everyday. I say frequently that Slippery Fish has been a real blessing.

      Koi Parent
    • The environment Slippery Fish has created is perfect for building confidence in these emerging minds. By understanding their social and developmental abilities, the teachers craft activities and interactions to provide positive reinforcement and encourage the kids to grow. Beyond being an amazing learning environment for our son, Slippery Fish has so much to offer parents as well: great community events, insightful staff and a rewarding parent education curriculum.

      Hardy & Kimberly
      Koi Parents
  • How to Enroll in Koi?